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Service flags
Flag code

Service flags
Churches/cemeteries/other stagings for funerals

When used at funeral homes, churches, cemeteries, etc. with a US flag - The US flag should on the observer's left and service flag on the observer's right. Ride Captain will make sure that the holder of the service flag is placed in an area so the holder of the service flag does not pivot or rotate while the urn or casket is moving. 

Repatriations, KIAs, or missions with multiple service flags - The US flag will be on the observer's far left and the service flags will be in precedence:

Marine Corps
Air Force
Space Force 
Coast Guard

ALL service flags will be positioned so the flag holders will not have to pivot or rotate while the urn or casket is moving. If all the service flags can't be accommodated at a funeral home or church because of space, only the Veteran's branch flags will fly. 

Service flags at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery

Before Service 
When the funeral car enters the drive, the person with the service flag will face the drive and the PGR on the flagline. The service flag(s) are dipped when the PGR rider closest to the car needs to start saluting. If the car is going to the shelter, the flag is pulled up. and the service flag turns to the shelter while the car is slowing down and getting ready to back up to the the shelter. The flag is dipped again when the car comes into the flag holder's vision, and stays down until the car stops moving. 

IF the car is stopping at the sidewalk and the Honor Guard is carrying the urn up the walk to the table, the PGR holding the service flag will be positioned at an angle where he/she can observe the entire walk from the car to the table without rotating or turning. The Ride Captain will assist if needed to be positioned properly. At no time should the flag holder rotate with the dipped flag and follow the coach or the urn. 

During/After Service
The flag dips when the Veteran is moved to his/her place during the service, during taps AND rifle volleys, and at the end of service when the Veteran is placed in the cemetery vehicle. The flag is placed upright when they begin to close the vehicle. and ALL flag holders turn to the left. Once the cars turn onto the loop, the attention goes to the folded flag until the next of kin leaves, or the Ride Captain calls it. 

The Ride Captain in charge of the mission will recon and do a briefing covering this at all missions. The Ride Captain in charge has the authority to dismiss the flagline early due to heat exposure, conserving the line for multiple missions, bad weather, or any spontaneous situation that happens during a mission. Ranking Ride Captains will not get involved with Ride Captains in Training unless asked for advice, to assist, or as situation comes up that causes them to step in.

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